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Yeg Homes-Team
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Combined experience of Associate, Broker and dually licenced Associate and Mortgage Broker! Jennifer Kennedy , Galina Mironova and Cynthia Cherie have teamed up to bring their collective experiece to the table. The bargoning table - where all the important action happens. Here's how we divide and conquer...
Our marketing wizzard Galina Mironova has an eye for print and in home design. Both are clean modern and eye catchng. People like to buy nice things - we like to market to same. All of our marketing material is top of the line and presently accordingly. We cover all of the social platforms with consistency of design and message. 
Knowing your market and the temperment of buyers and sellers is where the experienced negotiating skills of veteran Broker Jen Kennedy comes into play. Knowing who you are marketing to and what the temperment for that market will bear is a skill that only many many years of experience in all kinds of up and down markets will give you. Telling you what you need to know is extremely valuable. As the saying goes, in negotiating, the person with the most knowledge wins...we bring that knowledge to our clients so that they can make the best decisions in ther buy/sell experience. 
Never before have we experienced such rapid change with our financial regulators. Staying on top of these changes is paramount. Nobody does this better than Cynthia Cherie. Always, always did I say always? Yes looking out for her clients best interest, Cynthia is an experience Realtor and Mortgage Broker. This is a great combo to have on your side - whether you are a buyer or a seller. Information that you might otherwise not be privy to - and remember the above...the person with the most knowledge wins? Well...with Cynthia in your back pocket you are sure to be ahead of the game!